Maple Whipped Cream

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Top Off Your Dessert With This Sweet Cream

Fred Lee/ABC News/Good Morning America Recipes
From the kitchen of Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier
Servings: 6
Difficulty: Easy
Cook Time: 1-30 min

Whipped cream is just about the easiest thing to make in the world so it's hard to believe many of us grew up with whipped cream out of a can. When cane sugar was an expensive luxury, maple and honey were natural sweeteners. You can use our delicious Maine maple syrup as a sweetener for many things, including in your coffee. We could just eat this out of the bowl before it makes it to any cake, pie, or ice cream, but it's great with our Pumpkin Ice Cream and the Bailey's Island Blueberry Tart.


  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 3 tablespoons maple syrup

  • Cooking Directions

    Pour the chilled cream into a chilled metal mixing bowl. Whisk the cream until bubbles start to form. Add the maple syrup. Whisk the mixture until soft peaks form. Leave it at this stage or if you like a stiffer cream continue to whisk. You do not want to overwhisk, however, or your whipped cream will turn to butter.

    This recipe was styled by chef Karen Pickus for Good Morning America.

    *Recipe courtesy of Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier from their cookbook, Maine Classic; Running Press, 2011

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