Safety Plan in Place at Maple Run Emporium

On May 15, 2020, Phase 1 for the re-opening of the North Country was announced. Businesses that were already open or were re-opening were required to develop a workplace Safety Plan and retain it on the premises.
Maple Run Emporium, as an essential grocery business, has been open without change of hours and days during the pandemic and established a safe shopping protocol. The shop has now adopted the New York State Department of Health NY Forward Business Re-Opening Safety Plan through the template that agency created. The segments the 6-page document addresses are: People, Places, and Process. 

Maple Run Emporium has the Safety Plan on the premises, which includes our daily Cleaning and People logs, and a Screening Chart.

There is also new signage on the front door and entry sanitizing station reminding people of the safety measures: required masks, hand sanitizing, 6’ distancing, and using the designated check-out area. We've added directional and distancing markers are on the floor and also new signage for the designated checkout area. 





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