About Us

Maple Run Emporiums, Inc.

Maple Run Emporiums, Inc. was incorporated in December 2010 by Mary Hilton. The premiere Maple Run Emporium is located at 49 Market Street in Potsdam, New York. The beautiful turn-of-the-century building is listed on the Register of Historic Places.

Maple Run Emporium features an eclectic mix of gourmet foods, cookware, home kitchen tools, bath and beauty care products, and an Artisan Gallery of original basketry, wood turnings, pottery, and paintings.

Maple products made from maple sap and maple wood are the shop’s specialty. Our merchandise displays and shop décor dovetail as a feature emphasizing the home kitchen as functional art.

Mission Statement

The mission of Maple Run Emporiums, Inc. is to showcase the world of maple in a gourmet grocery and gift shop environment that inspires customers to explore and create with maple foods, tools, scents, and furnishings. We’ll present a tranquil ambiance that transforms shopping to a delight for the senses and imagination. We’ll provide a space where employees, vendors, and professional chefs and decorators can demonstrate products and techniques. We will support, participate in, and launch new community events that highlight maple.

Company Vision

Our vision is to provide top quality maple products worldwide through web sales and the addition of locations nationally and internationally. We will fill the market gap between super stores and small convenience stores with a distinctive shopping experience. We’ll create a signature gourmet emporium that can be reproduced in new locations using a kitchen/pantry environment to display gourmet food, kitchenware, and artisan gifts. We’ll broaden the Maple Run Emporiums, Inc. environment and business system to include restaurant and/or café service, on-site bakery, in-house production of scented products, and development of private label merchandise. We will expand the perception of maple sap from pancake syrup to a universal product that is used as a flavor, fragrance, and health and beauty product ingredient, and showcase maple wood as the premier choice for kitchenware and furnishings.

Goals and Objectives

Maple Run Emporiums, Inc. will establish a network of wholesalers in the U.S. and Canada that will supply us with top quality products. We will serve customers locally through the shop and worldwide through our website. The objective of the launch store in Potsdam, New York, is to test products, décor, and systems to establish the best practices for expansion.


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