Grocery Shopping Protocol at Maple Run Emporium

Let’s Be Safe and Stay Healthy!
  • Shop Solo. This will help limit the number of people in the shop at one time and help make social distancing adherence. We are limiting the number of people in the shop at one time to 6.


  • Hand Sanitizing. Use the hand sanitizer on the table as you enter.
  • Use  Our Shopping Baskets. The metal shopping baskets on the table are disinfected after each customer use. 
  • Social Distancing. Maintain a safe distance of 6’ from other customers.
  • Face Masks. Please wear it as you shop, but if you need to remove it, use the strings and remember not to touch the actual mask.
  • No Drinking or Eating in the Shop. This has been our policy for years and it is strictly enforced at this time. 


  • Place Basket at End of Counter. When you finish shopping, place your basket in the red tray at the end of the counter. This will maintain a 6' distance from the cash register and clerk.
  • Step Back Two Feet. There is a visual marker with the entry table so that when the clerk takes your basket, the 6' social distance is maintained.
  • Place Credit or Cash in Jar. Once your purchases have been totaled, the clerk will place a disinfected glass container with a disinfected pen on the red tray. Sign the receipt or place cash in the container.
  • Our Bags or Yours. If you have your own bag, your merchandise will be placed in our metal shopping basket at the red tray and you can pack your own bag. If you do not have your own bag, the clerk will place your items in our paper bags and place them on the red tray.
  • Use Hand Sanitizer on Your Way Out. Keep your hands clean and sanitized at every opportunity, including as you exit the shop.


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