Stoneware Spoon Rests Ready for Pick-Up at Maple Run Emporium

Andrew Minnery Fright Night Maple Run Emporium Stoneware Spoon Rests

Photo: Fright Night at Maple Run Emporium - the clay spoon rests are created.  

 POTSDAM, NY -  More than 150 stoneware spoon rests are on display at Maple Run Emporium, ready and waiting for pick up by the children who made them on Fright Night during the two-hour Halloween activity. 
  Each child was given a ball of clay to roll out and then cut with a maple leaf cookie cutter before adding personal design touches.  Potter/Sculptor Andrew Minnery, guest artist for the event, offered his creative input and guidance. "It was the most children I've ever taught all at once," he said. "It was great."  
Mr. Minnery took the spoon rests to to his studio at Creative Spirit Art Center where he glazed and fired them. The array of maple leaf spoon rests will be showcased as a beautiful collage at Maple Run Emporium until they're picked up by the young artists.   "We had hoped to have 30 children participate, so it was quite exciting when we had five times that many making spoon rests. There was a crowd inside the shop and a line out the front door on Fright Night," said Mary Hilton, owner of Maple Run Emporium. "It was wonderful that the Chamber was able to send over volunteers to help."  
The Potsdam Chamber of Commerce arranged for Jim Coleman and Pat Rippa, who are students at Clarkson University and members of the school's baseball team, to lend a hand at the event. They assisted Mr. Minnery with the clay work.  
"We did it to help out in the community," said Mr. Coleman. He enjoyed the clay shaping process so much that at the end of the evening he created his own spoon rest.  
Maureen Farina also volunteered for the event and was at the front counter to make sure all participants were listed on the sign up sheet and that the parents received their 10% discount coupon for purchasing Andrew Minnery stoneware at Maple Run Emporium.  
Ms. Hilton noted, "Counting parents and siblings who accompanied the participants, we had about 300 people come in during the two hours of Fright Night. I'm really pleased that so many families wanted to try something new for Halloween. It was really fun - and the finished spoon rests are brilliant works of art!"   
 Maple Run Emporium is open every day from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Visit  


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