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Maple In The News — Northeastern Woodworkers Association

Jan Close Interviewed by Todd Moe on NCPR

Jan Close Maple Run Emporium Northeastern Woodworkers Association

http://www.northcountrypublicradio.org/news/story/28486/20150529/dances-with-wood-turning-a-block-of-maple-into-an-award-winning-bowl Dances with wood: turning a block of maple into an award-winning bowl by Todd Moe, in Winthrop, NY The lathe spins and wood chips fly as Jan Close uses a long-handled chisel to shape the exterior of a bowl. Photo: Todd Moe Listen to this story May 29, 2015 — The maple syrup season may be over, but there are other uses for one of upstate New York's most iconic trees. Using a lathe and a few gouges, a St. Lawrence County man turns maple stumps into functional objects, like bowls and decorative pieces that look like glass. Jan...

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