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Maple Syrup and Antibiotics: A Study

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A study by researchers at McGill University in Montreal shows a solid maple extract makes bacteria more vulnerable to antibiotics. This discovery could combat the problem of antibiotic resistance. Professor Nathalie Tufenkji and her team have prepared a solid maple extract essentially of phenolic compounds - maple syrup is a rich source of this compound. Lab tests then revealed that certain bacteria, including E coli and a bacterium that causes urinary tract infections, were partially weakened by the extract. However, it is when used in combination with antibiotics that the extract succeeded in destroying colonies of resistant bacteria called biofilm,...

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New York is #2 Maple Syrup Producer in U.S.

maple syrup maple syrup production New York maple syrup

New York maple syrup production outpaces Maine New York produced 1,000 more gallons Published  11:22 AM EDT Jun 27, 2014!4UxtL Chad Diamond View Large New York state has edged out Maine to keep its spot as the nation's second biggest producer of maple syrup.    The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports New York produced 546,000 gallons of syrup in 2014, just 1,000 gallons more than Maine.    Vermont easily held on to the top position, producing more maple syrup than Maine and New York combined.    Overall, syrup production in the northeast was down in 2014 because the long winter delayed the start...

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Raids on Quebec maple-syrup ‘delinquents’ leaves producer with bitter taste

maple cartel maple syrup maple syrup raids Quebec maple syrup

  BERTRAND MAROTTE MONTREAL — The Globe and Mail Published Wednesday, Apr. 17 2013, 11:52 AM EDT Last updated Wednesday, Apr. 17 2013, 5:49 PM EDT Quebec’s maple-syrup syndicate is cracking down on rogue sugar shacks, seizing the sweet-tooth assets of producers who are alleged to be flouting the province’s strict regulation of sap. Steve Côté, owner of a 450-acre spread in the Eastern Townships south of Sherbrooke, was stunned Tuesday morning to see a bailiff and three men in two tractor trailers pull in with a court-approved order to seize his entire 2013 production: about 100 barrels and several boxes containing...

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Maple Cream Liqueur

maple liquer maple syrup raspberry liquer

Metcalfes distill new liqueur flavor on Hogback By CHRIS MAYS / Reformer Staff Posted:   04/06/2013 03:00:00 AM EDT Updated:   04/06/2013 03:00:35 AM EDT Saturday April 6, 2013 MARLBORO -- Ed Metcalfe is modest about his liqueur business, but he has plans to expand. "We're a really small operation," he said. "We were licensed two or three years ago and went into production in November of last year." The first product that Ed and his son, Gus, 25, made was Metcalfe's Vermont Maple Cream Liqueur. People said it tasted like melted maple syrup. This concoction was made by...

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The site is unlike anything seen in the maple syrup industry in that it offers consumers a unique way to buy organic maple syrup, a rare find in most parts of the world as less than 20% of the worldwide supply is certified organic.  Rouge 100% Pure Organic Maple Syrup The use of a good maple syrup in the kitchen is as versatile and delicious as a good olive oil, albeit on a different end of the taste spectrum. Montreal, Quebec, Canada (PRWEB) September 21, 2012 Rouge Canada has officially launched, its new e-commerce website. The site is unlike...

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