HENCKELS Forged Accent 6-Piece Prep Set

50% Off HENCKELS Forged Accent 6-Piece Prep Set. The Perfect Prep Set for Fall Baking. This attractive prep set features 6 tools you’ll find indispensable this fall. Sale ends October 9, 2020.


The paring knife, serrated utility knife, prep knife, and kitchen shears are key blades for chopping, slicing, and cutting through the rich harvest of veggies and fruit that autumn brings. The dishwasher safe BPA-free polypropylene cutting board is just the right size for all your prep work. And the 2-stage sharpener is designed to keep each blade in tip-top shape.


The forged bolster construction of HENCKELS Forged Accent knives seamlessly transitions from blade to handle for durability and balance. Curved for comfort, the triple-rivet handle features a stylish, stainless steel endcap that adds aesthetic appeal to your knife block. Stamped with the single man Henckels logo, this Halberdier symbolizes Forged Accent's superb quality at a remarkable value.

 Sale ends October 9, 2020


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