Solar Flowers
Esthela Calderón

Solar Flowers

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By Esthela Calderón

36" x 48"

Acrylic on Canvas

From her Abstract Informalism exhibit at Maple Run Emporium

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 From the artist:

"When I use this technique, I dilute the paint in different consistencies to let it run on the prepared surface. As it makes its path, it defines diverse forms conceived in my mind when I release the paint onto the canvas. Normally, my paintings coincide with the velocity of the mind, with the plants of my ancestral Mesomerican world, recalling the production of Amerindian codices and petroglyphs destined to remember the cyclical tasks of the year and to pay homage to the gods.

"My paintings are designed with the intention of preserving memory in a much shorter period, such as the instant that gives birth to an idea, a color, a remembrance, a shape, a texture, a size.

"Finally, what remains resembles a photograph of pigments taken from within the brain during the act of creation. This explains the absence of easily recognizable figures from our surroundings as a way of preferring another type of figure constructed of colors and shapes from an interior. Pictorial work is often based on objective exterior models, which the brain assimilates and then reproduces. In the case of these paintings, however, I attempt to capture what is brought directly from the brain outward, negating the existence of an outer model.

The human eye appreciates a new reality."

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