Clarkson Student Wins Gift Basket at Maple Run Emporium During First Saturday

POTSDAM, NY – September 5, 2012 – Ashley Romanowski, a senior at Clarkson University, won the  “Make Mine Maple Gift Basket” drawing at Maple Run Emporium on Market Street during the First Saturday event in Potsdam on September 1. 


“I love maple!” exclaimed Ms. Romanowski when presented with her prize. 


The hardwood basket crafted by the Peterboro Basket Co. was filled with delectable maple goodies – Hutchinson’s Candy Maple Caramel Corn, Mapleland Farms Maple Fudge, Orton Brothers Maple Cookie Buttons, Castleton Crackers Maple Crackers, and The Redhead’s Maple Roasted Peanuts & Bacon Brittles.


Ms. Romanowski, a Mechanical Engineering major from the Buffalo/Niagara area, has participated in First Saturday annually since her freshman year. “It’s a lot of fun,” she said.


As a new arrival in town three years ago, she recalled, “We didn’t know where anything was and Potsdam looked so rural compared to some of the students’ hometowns,” but First Saturday provided the opportunity to “see what was here.”


In addition to the gift basket drawing, Maple Run Emporium also offered students a discount on maple coffees, teas, and brewers. 


“This is our second year participating in First Saturday – I really look forward to it because the shop is busy and it’s fun,” said Maple Run Emporium owner Mary Hilton. “We had well over 200 students come in. They even came after they’d turned in their passports because they wanted to explore the shop. I thank the organizers for doing a great job. I had a great time and it looked like the students did too!”