Snowflake Baking Pans

Nordic Ware created the iconic Bundt® pan in the 1950s, which has now become a staple in over 70 million kitchens around the world. The success of this pan inspired Nordic Ware to create dozens of different shapes and sizes using their heavyweight cast aluminum pans, which help bakers achieve picture-perfect, memorable tasty results every time.

The Nordic Ware baking pans are designed and manufactured in the United States to exacting standards, with over a dozen sets of hands touching each pan during the manufacturing process. The company takes price in presenting the very finest baking pans in the world: genuine Nordic Ware cast bakeware.

At Maple Run Emporium for the 2023 Winter Season, we have a collection of three beautiful pans for baking snowflake shapes that will delight you and your family and friends. Wonderful way to spend a snowy day - baking luscious cakes!