Fruit, Flower, and Herb Syrups

Some of the most luscious syrups are made with sweet fruits, fragrant flowers, aromatic herbs, and even a flavorful vegetable - ginger.

We offer a variety of fruit flavors that intrigue the taste buds including blueberry, black currant, fig, apple, and orange.

Unusual but equally luscious are the flower syrups - rose, violet, and hibiscus. We include vanilla here as the pods are the fruit of the orchid plant.

Lavender and mint are delightfully fragrant and flavorful syrups made with herbs, and ginger is a refreshing syrup made with the distinctively flavored vegetable.

All of these syrups are perfect poured on pancakes, waffles, French toast, and crepes as well as ice cream, yogurt, and cakes. And they are great for mixing smoothies and deliciously unique cocktails too! Or add to your favorite recipe for extra flavor.