Villa Estense Balsamic Vinegar
Villa Estense Balsamic Vinegar
Villa Estense Balsamic Vinegar

Villa Estense Balsamic Vinegar

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Villa Estense Aceto Balsamico de Modena. Produced in the Modena region of Italy.

A flavorful organic balsamic vinegar. Pleasantly dense with enjoyable flavor of cooked grape must. This balsamic vinegar has a bright dark brown color and is ideal with all savory foods. Use with any food from a vegetable antipasti to aged cheese. Use daily on your salads, fish and meats.

Delicious in Maple Balsamic Dressing! This dressing brings out the fruit flavor in any green salad with fruit in it. See our recipe:

Ingredients: Concentrated organic grape must, organic wine vinegar.

Contains Sulfites

8.45 fl oz in glass bottle

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