The Sugarmaker's Companion

The Sugarmaker's Companion
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By Michael Farrell

As a go-to reference for both home-scale and commercial sugarmakers, The Sugarmaker’s Companion is a must-have for your library. The first book of its kind, it is a comprehensive guide, taking the reader through how to find trees for tapping to detailed analyses of large-scale production. It also explains how to integrate sugaring into the whole-farm system, woodland, and community.

Foresters, organic farmers with woodlands, homesteaders, preppers, permaculture enthusiasts, and seasoned sugarmakers will all find vital new information.

Essential economic data is also contained in The Sugarmaker’s Companion, including guidance for small- and large-scale syrup producers on how to create a profitable business model. Farrell documents the untapped potential of American forests and shows how sugaring can turn a substantial profit for farmers while providing tremendous enjoyment and satisfaction. Farrell incorporates the wisdom of traditional sugarmaking with the value of modern technology, such as reverse-osmosis machines and vacuum tubing. His balanced view of the industry offers a realistic picture of how modern technology can be beneficial — economically and environmentally.

 The book also includes a focus on maple syrup as a healthy, local, sustainably produced alternative to corn syrup and other highly processed artificial sweeteners. Other key topics include organic certification, sugarhouse registration, and the new international grading system, plus marketing, facts on buying and selling sap, ways to process and market other tree saps, and methods to enhance diversity in the sugarbush including inter-planting ginseng, goldenseal, and mushrooms as understory value-added products. Farrell also provides an economic analysis of utilizing maple trees not only for syrup but also for saw-timber production.

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