Pure Butter Waffle Cookies in a Metal Canister
La Dunkerquoise

Pure Butter Waffle Cookies in a Metal Canister

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Rich, buttery flavor — these delicious cookies are thin and crispy.  Enjoy them as a dessert or snack with coffee, tea, or milk.  They're wonderful spread with maple cream or maple peanut butter!

Layer maple cream between two cookies and you've made a delicious "Stroopwafel."

Packaged in a beautiful 10.5" tall metal canister. Great gift!

The long history of this cookie started in 1904, when Louis Preneel, a confectioner from Malo-Les-Bains, created the Flemish Waffle. He passed his recipe on to his descendants. Today, the authentic character of his waffle cookie is preserved by the traditional know-how of the confectioners at La Dunkerquoise in France who knead and bake hundreds of small dough rolls day after day.

Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, butter (milk) 22%, eggs, salt. May contain traces of almonds

Net Wt. 14.11 oz | 400g

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