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Maple & Rosemary Chef's Dish & Hand Soap and Kitchen Cleanser - 2-Pack

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We all had to learn the correct way to wash or hands during this pandemic, and we've also had to learn the correct way to clean surfaces at home: before you can disinfect you must clean! This is of course especially true in the kitchen.

We've combined a duo of Maple Run Emporium cleansers that are made with all natural ingredients, no chemicals, have a beautiful fragrance, and make your kitchen (and bathroom) sparkle!

Packaged in our logo stamped Kraft box and padded with matching crinkly paper shred. Ready to ship as a gift to friends or loved ones - or a special treat for yourself to make the cleaning chores much more pleasant!

Cleansers in the box are:

  • Maple & Rosemary Chef's Dish & Hand Soap - 16 oz with flip top
  • Maple & Rosemary Chef's Kitchen Cleanser - 10 oz with spray

Handcrafted in small batches in Potsdam, New York

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