Welcome to Maple Run Emporium
Welcome to Maple Run Emporium
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Maple Run Emporium Grand Breakfast Basket Winner Denise Collins

Congratulations to Denise Collins of Waddington, New York, winner of our Grand Breakfast Basket in the Potsdam Chamber of Commerce 25 Day Potsdam Giveaway. It was great meeting you, Denise! Enjoy!

Mary Hilton, owner of Maple Run Emporium presents Denise Collins with the Grand Breakfast basket.

This year's Grand Breakfast Basket was a delight of flavors to eat and drink: our Maple Run Emporium Old Fashioned Buckwheat Pancake Mix, Maple Cream Coffee, Maple Tea, and Maple Pepper Original, along with Maple Mountain New York's Maple Syrup in a Glass Santa bottle, Dutch Hill Maple's Granulated Maple Sugar Shaker, a bottle of Scandanavian Glogg, a jar of French Christmas Spread, Stony Brook Wholehearted Foods Maple Pepitas, and a Coffee Maple Cacao Bar. Handcrafted basket made by Peterboro Baskets.

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