Preparation of Garlic Cloves Is Simplified with This Powerful Mincer/Crusher and Peeler Pair

Potsdam, New York - Maple Run Emporium, a specialty gourmet food and cookware shop, has announced the launch of its own branded Garlic Press and Peeler Tube set.

The Garlic Press is a heavy duty kitchen utensil made of 304 stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion, oxidation, and rust. The Peeler Tube is made of flexible silicone.

“I grow garlic and use a lot of it, and I’ve had various presses over the years, so I knew what shortcomings I wanted to overcome when I introduced my own brand of garlic press,” said Mary Hilton, owner of Maple Run Emporium. “I reached out to over a dozen manufacturers, and when I picked this one up, I knew this was it. It felt solid, produced the results I wanted, had excellent design, and state-of-the-art construction.”

The key to the tool’s powerful action and solid construction is the large bolt that fastens the axle for the two handles.

“All of the other samples I tested used a small bolt, which made those tools feel less sturdy and not as solidly constructed as this one,” noted Ms. Hilton. “This garlic press instantly felt heavier, stronger, better-made, and more powerful in the hand. The manufacturer pointed out to me that it was the larger bolt fixing the handles’ axle that gave the tool such a sturdy feel and effective action.”

Ms. Hilton demonstrated how to use the peeler and press combo. She loaded the tube with half a dozen cloves, rolled it back and forth on a counter top, then poured out the contents - six clean cloves and a pile of skins. “The rolling action of the Peeler Tube gently loosens and removes the garlic skins,” she noted. Then she loaded the cloves into the Garlic Press basket and pressed the handles together, which forced the garlic through the grid of small holes. She pointed out that the handles squeezed together easily even when the large basket was fully loaded.

“Peeling garlic with a knife can be quite a chore, and you end up slicing off too much garlic, and the other method of smashing cloves with a knife to remove skins can inadvertently smash the clove too. With the Peeler Tube, you avoid those issues,” said Ms. Hilton. “Of course you can mince garlic with a knife, but the issues there are that it’s difficult to maneuver a blade on cloves that roll and it’s harder to produce uniformly minced pieces. Also, you can end up with the distinct aroma of garlic on your hands, which is not pleasant so you need a method or product to remove it. The Garlic Press eliminates all those issues.”

She noted that the Garlic Press is a versatile tool that can be used for mincing and crushing ginger, olives, Egyptian onions, and capers as well.

Care and clean-up for the Garlic Press and Peeler Tube is as easy as rinsing under a running faucet. The basket of the garlic press swings out to allow for thorough cleaning. Both utensils are dishwasher safe.

Ms. Hilton said she timed the release of the Garlic Press and Peeler Tube to coincide with this year’s growing season, when garlic is most abundant at farmers’ markets and groceries. “This tool set will make using garlic easier, faster, and more enjoyable. It’s a great set to have if you’re going to preserve quantities of whole garlic in brine.”

Finishing up the demonstration, Ms. Hilton dried the Garlic Press with a cloth and held the sparkling tool up to the light, announcing, “It’s the best garlic press I've ever used. I’m so confident in it that I put a Money Back Guarantee on it."

The Garlic Press and Peeler Tube set is available at the Maple Run Emporium shop at 49 Market Street in Potsdam, NY, on the shop website at, and also on at