Fright Night Fun at Maple Run Emporium - Make a Maple Leaf Spoon Rest with Potter and Sculptor Andrew Minnery 


POTSDAM, NY – October 19, 2011 – Maple Run Emporium at 49 Market Street in Potsdam will host a Fright Night children’s activity from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Thursday, October 27, incorporating the shop’s kitchenware, maple theme, and the creativity of guest artist Andrew Minnery, a local potter and sculptor whose stoneware is available in the shop. 

Children will work with Andrew to roll out clay with rolling pins, cut out leaves with cookie cutters, and create beautiful spoon rests. Andrew will glaze and kiln fire the spoon rests after the event. The finished Maple Leaf Spoon Rests will be on display at Maple Run Emporium and ready for the children to pick up after November 10.  There is no charge for children to participate. 

Parents of children who make spoon rests will receive a 10% discount coupon on the purchase of Andrew Minnery stoneware at Maple Run Emporium, valid on Fright Night through November 30, 2011.  


“We’re really looking forward to Fright Night and hosting this event,” said Maple Run owner Mary Hilton. “We carry the Vic Firth line of solid rock maple rolling pins as well as an eight-inch child’s rolling pin and five sizes of maple leaf cookie cutters, so it’s a great opportunity to put these pieces into action at the shop. The children will be making what I like to call ‘usable art’ – these pieces can hang on the wall or be placed on the kitchen counter. Every household can use a beautiful spoon rest.”   

Andrew Minnery will also bring in some of his pottery and sculpting tools for the children to use and will share his extensive knowledge of the ceramic-making process.

Andrew began working with clay as a teen in high school. He studied art at SUNY Potsdam, where he focused on ceramics and photography.  Andrew then held a residency at The Thousand Islands Arts Center in Clayton, New York, for two years. In the fall of 2010, Andrew moved back to Potsdam to open a studio at The Tile Company with his painter friend Julian Vadas. 

“My love of pottery began with the appreciation of those times we gather to eat and drink,” said Andrew. “From potlucks to coffee breaks, these moments of nourishment help sustain our soul and improve our well being. By producing wares for such moments, I hope to add a touch of humanity to our humble dish wares to signify the importance of each and every break.”

The collection of Andrew Minnery stoneware on display at Maple Run Emporium includes large bowls and baking sets. The pieces were handmade in Potsdam. The glazes used are safe for the dishwasher, microwave, oven, and food. The earth-tone pieces and textures are works of art that are meant to be enjoyed in every day use.

“I believe we are much more connected to the earth than we realize,” noted Andrew. “Textures and patterns found throughout nature are carved into my wheel-thrown pottery, and I do this to show the connection between the patterns within the natural world and the patterns created by humanity. No matter how removed from nature we may seem, I hope my pottery can help remind us of where we are in the world.”

Maple Run Emporium is open every day from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Visit

Photos: Andrew Minnery stoneware at Maple Run Emporium.