Jan Close of Potsdam, New York, will be the Artist-in-Residence at Maple Run Emporium for the 2011 Potsdam Summerfest. He will have nearly 100 pieces of his hand carved bowls, spoons, pepper mills, and salt mills on display starting Friday, July 15. Jan will be in the shop on Saturday, July 16, from 9:00 am to noon. 

In addition to his collection of hand-carved pieces from Northern New York hard maple, Jan will also be showing his work in additional woods including cherry and walnut. 

Jan's bowls are hand-turned on a lathe with chisels and hand sanded with sandpaper. All of Jan's wood turnings are intended for every day use and are finished with a food safe non-toxic varnish.

The maple woodturnings are handcrafted from sugar maple wood that was harvested in Saint Lawrence County. The distinctive grain patterns in some of the bowls are the result of the tapping of these maple trees. The "tap hole" bowls and platters have the actual tap holes that remain in the trees as a result of the maple sugaring process. 

Other maple pieces feature the figured "curly" wood, which is highly prized by wood workers for the distinctive "tiger stripe" and "bird's eye" patterns that are visible on the polished surfaces. Jan's "ambrosia" bowls feature streaks of color produced by the tiny ambrosia beetle.  Jan will be on hand Saturday morning to explain his art, the woods he uses, and his process.

Maple Run Emporium is open every day from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.