Three Top 500 Amazon Reviewers Rate This Tool Set At Highest Level

Within weeks of its debut on Amazon, the Maple Run Emporium Garlic Press and Peeler Tube has accumulated Five Star Reviews from three of Amazon's Top 500 Reviewers. The Five-Star rating is the highest rank for Amazon's product listings.

One reviewer, an amateur cook and avid garlic eater, offered an in-depth educational introduction to the many health benefits of eating raw garlic. He noted the best method for preparing cloves is pressing through a garlic press. "A few old school chefs prefer dicing or crushing/smashing the garlic clove before adding it to food; I believe that is nonsense and much prefer the mince that results from a press. It can be evenly mixed in salads, sprinkled on food or spread as paste on bread etc." The reviewer titled his commentary Good kitchen gadget.

A second Top
500 Reviewer described how she found peeling and mincing garlic tedious and was also not enamored with her first press. But upon trying the Maple Run Emporium Garlic Press, she was full of compliments. "It's such a gorgeous thing that it would be nice to have around even if it didn't work so well ..." she wrote. "It's heavy and feels just right in your hand. It's so perfectly balanced that I can operate it with my elderly, arthritic hands and the cutting edges are so sharp that they mince the garlic like a hot knife going through butter ... It's a high-quality, well made product at a reasonable price." She called her review Welcome to the Golden Age of garlic presses.

The report from a third Top 500 Reviewer focused on how well the press works, noting, "This Maple Run Emporium garlic press is nicely designed for easy use. It was not necessary to press it 'till my hands hurt to get excellent results. Furthermore, it's easy to clean up." She enthusiastically titled her review, Nice ergonomic design!

Mary Hilton, owner of Maple Run Emporium, was delighted with the first round of reviews. "The reviewers really shared personal experiences with the Garlic Press in real life settings," she said. "I'm thrilled that my product met their highest expectations. With a new launch, it's great to have 100% positive feedback from the experts."