Maple Run Taps Into Online Marketplace Where More Than One Million People Search For Garlic Presses Every Month

The Maple Run Emporium Garlic Press and Peeler Tube kitchen utensil set is now listed on Amazon. More than one million people search for garlic presses on Amazon every month, according to data collector Merchant Words.

"We have a quality product that deserves that kind of exposure," stated Maple Run Emporium owner Mary Hilton. "I was truly thrilled when I completed all the requirements and clicked to see my Garlic Press and Peeler Tube listing on Amazon."

Maple Run Emporium initially introduced the Garlic Press and Peeler Tube set in June 2015 at its bricks-and-mortar shop in Potsdam, New York, as well as on the Maple Run Emporium e-commerce website.

"There are plenty of ways to sell online, but Amazon was my first and foremost choice when it came to volume sales. The two most important factors in my decision to list on Amazon were the company's experience with online sales and its customer service," Ms. Hilton stated.

Launched in 1994, Amazon is the largest Internet-based retailer in the U.S.

Ms. Hilton pointed out that Amazon can handle a much larger volume of sales than she could at her shop or on the company website. "Amazon has over 117,000 employees worldwide and warehouses that are over a million square feet," she said. "There's no problem storing merchandise or having sufficient staff to retrieve product, label, pack and ship."

Listing on Amazon also provides significant benefits to her customers, Ms. Hilton noted, including one-click buying, free two-day shipping, and an easy return policy.

"Amazon is all about customer service," Ms. Hilton pointed out. "I'm an Amazon shopper myself. From experience I know they make sure the customer gets the product fast and that it's packed well."

Maple Run Emporium's Garlic Press and Peeler Tube is the newest in the company's line-up of branded products, which includes gourmet foods, scented items, and silicone spatulas. Releasing the company's latest product on Amazon has confirmed to Ms. Hilton that this is the platform for all the Maple Run Emporium branded products.

"Ultimately, the way Amazon represents my product online and how they ship to and service my customers represents my company and my brand, Maple Run Emporium," Ms. Hilton said. "When you are building your brand, you always want everything to be first-class. I trust Amazon to handle my products and my brand. It's a first-class operation."